Hi there!

We’re Celeste and Herschy, and we are the creators of Prototype!

Here are our roles:

Celeste: Artist, writer, editor, website creator.

Herschy: Co-writer.

How Prototype was created

7 years ago, we met and fell in love! That very first year we were together, we came up with an idea for a comic, using our characters that we had created! The story line hasn’t changed drastically from the very first idea, but the characters appearances and personalities have changed completely!

We worked on our comic idea pretty often, but it was mostly just in writing. We wrote pages and pages of the story. 

Herschy decided to quit his job, so we could fully work on the comic. But, this turned out to be a bad move. About a year or two later he got another job and we drifted away from Prototype. Although we’d still come up with new ideas every so often, it seemed more like a distant dream. We didn’t think we could make the comic a reality anymore.

That all changed a few years later, when we realised that Prototype was the only thing we wanted to do. Herschy was in and out of jobs that were draining him mentally, physically and weren’t providing enough income; and Celeste wanted to draw the comic she was so passionate about.

And so, we began the journey again! We rewrote the first few chapters, and even decided on how the comic would end! (though that won’t be for a few decades!) We also began creating this here website!

Eventually, after a couple of years, we got to the point of physically drawing the comic!

Now, here we are! Herschy still works another job, and Celeste works full time on the comic. We hope to, one day, be able to have this as both our main jobs. What an amazing thing that would be!