Vol 1, Ch 1, Page 11


Panel 3 makes us want to cry!

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20 Replies to “Vol 1, Ch 1, Page 11”

  1. God I’m loving your art style so much. I hope he gets what he deserves, what a piece of trash….I wish I could take her away from all this, she doesn’t deserve it!

  2. “You know when I’ll be back, so be ready to be raped by then.” What an absolute piece of garbage. He shames all other birds by his association with their species. :c

  3. This is sooooo messsssed up as she such a sweet little lady here an he’s such a dam cock as I sooooo wanna hurt him for slapping a nice lady here, an great comic an the drama is so deep too. Keep it up an have a super great safe day too…

    1. Must roast 🐔 very slowly and carefully so he feels the pains that he caused to her instead of his 🏡 as she be homeless then…

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